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Will Drafting

Will Drafting Services from A.A. Holmes Solicitors

Your Will sets out what will happen to your money, possessions and property on your death.

Why we recommend making a Will through our firm:-

  • You choose who administers your affairs when you die
  • You choose who benefits from your estate
  • You choose legal guardians to care for your young children
  • You get peace of mind that your Will has been drafted proficiently and meets all necessary legal requirements
  • We can advise you on ways to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that may be payable when you die
Will Drafting
If you don’t leave a Will you will die INTESTATE

If this happens your estate and property will be distributed under a set of legal (statutory) rules and will not necessarily pass to the people you would want it to or indeed the people you would expect it to pass to. These rules are complex, and can change depending on your family circumstances at the time of your death.

Free Will Drafting Service*

IF you or your partner/spouse are over 55 years of age we can prepare you simple Wills FREE OF CHARGE through a scheme that we run with CANCER RESEARCH UK. Please contact our Private Client Partner Kate Perry for further information.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Inheritance Tax Planning

We work together with other tax advisors to provide sound and up to date advice on how to minimise the potential impact of inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax wherever possible.

Our Private Client Partner, Kate Perry, offers expert advice on all aspects of Wills, Will drafting and inheritance tax planning. She has over 15 years of experience working within this area of the law.

Certainty National Will Register is a national Wills register. Registering your Will with Certainty is uncomplicated and effective. It is a fact that not being able to locate a Will causes untold distress and potential financial loss for family and/or beneficiaries.

If you prepare your Will through A A Holmes Solicitors we will register your Will on your behalf with for a reduced fee of £15.00 inclusive of VAT. The usual cost of this service through Certainty themselves is £30 inclusive of VAT.

Once registered it will ensure that if your Will is lost, misplaced or forgotten over the passage of time, the location of it can be identified.

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For initial advice and a no-obligation quote contact Kate Perry on 01386 858107 or