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Powers of Attorney & Court of Protection

Powers of Attorney Services from A.A. Holmes Solicitors

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

We offer expert advice and assistance in the setting up of LPA documents and how to register them with the Office of the Public Guardian.

A LPA is a legal document in which you appoint someone of your choice (your Attorney) to make decisions for you at a time when you may be unable or may no longer want to do so yourself. This could be through illness, injury, incapacity or any other condition which might affect your mental capacity. LPA’s replaced Enduring Powers of Attorney when the law changed in 2007.

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Powers of Attorney
Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)

We can also advise and assist in the registration of existing EPA’s with the Office of the Public Guardian.

An EPA, if made before September 2007, will still be valid. When the Donor (the person who made the EPA) loses capacity, the EPA document must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before the appointed Attorneys can assist the donor.

Deputyships and the Court of Protection

If your loved one no longer has the capacity to make a LPA and has not made an EPA, we can assist you with your application to the Court of Protection to apply for an appointment as a Deputy.

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Kate Perry offers expert advice on the preparation and registration of all the above legal documents. With her many years of experience in this area, she understands the need for compassion and delicacy when discussing these issues with clients.

For more information about deputyship orders or applications to the court of protection